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hard to find song [20 Jan 2009|05:16am]

[ mood | anxious ]

hello all!!

i recently found a song that i am just DYING to have because it's cute and pretty and catchy (to me at least). it's on youtube, i'll put a link up in a minute, but before you say anything, yes i asked the poster, no he doesn't remember, yes i typed in various segments of lyrics into search engines, no i didn't come up with it. on the page it says it's circ's "don't think about it" but it certainly isn't that song. so PLEASE help me if you can, i'll LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!

thank you so much!! and if this isn't allowed, then please delete and accept my deepest apologies.


so if you know the name of the song and/or where to get it, I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!! thanks again!


[23 Jul 2006|02:12pm]

Wedding music...suggestions? I am one that loves suggestion just to check things out and I am picking out a ton of music for the reception...so ideas?
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[26 Jun 2006|11:10am]

Heart-wrenching break up songs.

two requests. [01 Apr 2006|01:53am]

(1) songs with the word "sucks" in the title, or somewhere in the song, or songs about stuff sucking...i.e. "everything sucks" by reel big fish
(2) songs with an angry fast paced punk beat and/or angry lyrics, like the beat of "perfect sense" by 98 mute"


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please delete if this is not allowed [27 Dec 2005|09:31pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

a picture posting community where you can give everyone a tour of your city or show us pics of places you lived or visited!

so...join <3


[25 Sep 2005|07:47pm]

nine girls going down to atlanta for a big fancy anti-homecoming dinner. we need a soundtrack. we need to sing at the top of our lungs. we need your help.

songs to get lucky to.. [18 Sep 2005|11:01am]

[ mood | tired ]

So i made this sex mix...just thought i'd share...if you have any ideas of what i should add, lemme know!

boxcar racer-there is
the used-on my own
chis isaak-wicked game..hehe =)
the cure-pictures of you
get up kids-ill catch you
jimmy eat world-just watch the fireworks
jimmy eat world-polaris
mazzy star-fade into you
red hot chili peppers-dosed
bic runga-sway
stray light run-existentialism on prom night
the get up kids-valentine
the used-blue and yellow


requests [12 Sep 2005|03:26pm]

The Dead 60's
The Crimea
She Wants Revenge
Fantastic Plastic Machine
Jump, little children
The 88
Men Women and Children
Ian Broudie***
Mobius Band
The Sun
Say Hi To Your Mom
Abandoned Pools
The Perishers
The Myriad
My Favorite Highway
Giant Drag
Most Serene Republic
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[09 Sep 2005|02:01pm]

well, its simple.
love songs? i mean.. love lyrics.
and i need it to be emo or indie. [but everything with some core will be PERFECT]
well.. thanks up ahead\:
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REQUEST (: [09 Aug 2005|01:51pm]

So, an old, and good friend of mine is finally going off to college in about two weeks. I always make him mixes, and I want to shower him in a whole bunch for when he leaves me. So, I have a few theme CDs I want to make, and then I was wondering if you guys could just suggest some songs. Any genre. Anything.

1) Songs with numbers in them...especially eleven...or 11:11.

2) Songs with colours in their titles.

3) Songs about drinking with friends.

4) Songs with the word "star(s)" in their title.

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[20 Jun 2005|05:23pm]
Does anyone know songs similar in meaning to Alanis Morisette's "you oughta know"?? it would be grreeatttlyyyy appreciated

To the tune of... [19 Jun 2005|10:54pm]

My gosh it's been forever since I've posted here! Anyway - I have a situation. My friend and I are in an awkward situation. We're not mad at eachother or anything but she's really been upsetting me lately with some stuff she's done. Like dating a guy who she doesn't need to be with. He's using her for sex and other things and I try to tell her that she needs to end it with him but she just won't listen to me.
I need songs along the line of "hey he's not right/good for you" "you're my best friend and I love you to death but you're killing me" "i'm hating this" "i'll always be there for you" and any songs that relate. Any genre will do. Please help me with this. This is what I have so far -
Seventy times 7 by Brand New
My Best Friend by Weezer
Hannah Hold On by The Get Up Kids
It's Been Awhile by Staind
Until the Day I Die by Story of the Year
What we hate, we make by The Rocket Summer
You Fault by Plain White T's
Good Riddance by Green Day
How's it going to be by Third Eye Blind
Soco Amaretto Line - Brand New
Tribute - Tenacious D
Karate - Tenacious D
Bleed For You - Hidden in Plain View
Break Myself - Something Corporate
From California - The New Amsterdams
Science Fiction - Rufio

I have the two Tenacious D songs on there because we laugh our butts off when we listen to them so I figured I'd put some humor in it. Anyway - all help is appreciated and thank you SOOO much in advance!
x-posted like a mother.

Your aid is desired, Batman! [09 Jun 2005|10:52am]

I'm working on a mix called "Goddamn Job." While I do like my new job, there have been times where I just needed an 80-minute barrage of "working sucks nads" CD. Here are the candidates I have so far:

Black Flag - Clocked In
Bob Dylan - Maggie's Farm
Clash - Career Opportunities
Clash - Bankrobber
Dead Kennedys - At My Job
Dillinger Four - Superpowers Enable Me to Blend in with Machinery
Dolly Parton - Working Nine to Five
Futureheads - First Day
Gin Blossoms - Day Job
Johnny Cash - Oney
Johnny Paycheck - Take This Job and Shove It
Leadbelly - Pick a Bale of Cotton
Merle Haggard - Working Man Blues
Minutemen - This Ain't No Picnic
None More Black - The Affiliates
Operation Ivy - Artificial Life
Rancid - Black Lung
Replacements - Goddamn Job
Smiths - Frankly, Mr. Shankly
Smiths - Work is a Four-Letter Word
SubHumAns - Work Rest Play Die
Whatever it Takes - Flesh-Eating 9 to 5 Virus

Any suggestions?
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hello! [10 May 2005|02:50pm]

i would love to have an mp3 copy of "if i were a moose" by fred small, and it isn't on itunes. if any one has it and would like to send it to me, i'd be geatful forever!

first post [11 Apr 2005|12:48am]
[ mood | busy ]

My first post!
I have a few songs I would like to request..

1.) come on closer--Jem

2.) Jerk it out--ceasers (newest iPOD commercial)


4.) switch--will smith

5.) Beverly Hills--Weezer (I dunno if the CD came out yet..but I know the single is out..I just dont like buying a CD with one song XP ya know?)

6.)Such Great Heights--the Postal service

7.) Beautiful Love--the afters

8.) beautiful side of somewhere--the wallflowers

okay..that's all for now
any or all of these songs would be MUCH appreciated =]


[02 Apr 2005|10:57pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Does anyone have The Cure song "Bloodflowers" that they can send me?


home again [29 Mar 2005|08:42am]

heres a little background i thought would help.
i was best friends with a guy freshman year and we had a short lived thing but i had a crazy boyfriend and we couldnt be together. well feelings got mixed and everyone involved got hurt. he moved away at the end of that year. i met him again after four years on spring break and everything was the exact same. like wow i found my soulmate kind of thing.

so heres what im looking for...
i found you again
welcome home
i missed you

i wanna end it all with "soul one" by Blind Melon

ill post it when im done
thank you so very much

[22 Feb 2005|05:42pm]

I work at the beach in the summer and the time is drawing near. I was wondering if anyone can point me to some songs that have to do with the ocean, sand or the beach. That would be very helpful!

When I compile it, I'll list it here!
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Request [18 Feb 2005|08:40am]

I'm in a YMCA club called Leaders, and in March we're having our annual event called Mentors. It's a weekend when you are paired up with a graduated leader, according to the both of your personalities. It's a little hard to explain...but on with my request. The theme this year is "Seasons of Life". I was wondering if anyone could post some songs they think best fits the theme. Take the theme as you wish. <3 Thank you.
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ch ch check em out [15 Feb 2005|06:20pm]


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